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From the time the building opened as a hotel in 1927 and since, [see history here], what is now the Grand Eastonian Hotel & Suites has been the premier site in Lehigh Valley for weddings, corporate meetings, social events and family gatherings.

Come experience our restored elegance and tasteful atmosphere. Our gracious services and finely appointed Gold Room will impress your group and stir up grand memories from years past.

The Grand Eastonian Hotel & Suites in the Lehigh Valley is the perfect venue for your event, whether you are planning a special corporate meeting, social function, family gathering or an elegant wedding.  And if your group is for over 100 guests, we can expand to our Terrace and accommodate nearly 175 in comfort and style.

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Beautiful Hardwood Kitchen and Dining Area


The Grand Eastonian Hotel & Suites is a Hotel established by Easton Hotel Restoration (EHR), a wholly owned subsidiary of the Nurture Nature Foundation (NNF), a non-profit organization working to balance environmental protection and economic development.